Murchison School Council has developed a Dress Code that we believe provides choice for the students, allows for students to safely engage in the many varied school activities, and is affordable.


The school has a supply of second-hand clothing which has been donated for sale at $1 per item or new items can be purchased at retail outlets such as K-Mart, Target and Best and Less.


The School Logo can be embroidered on any items of clothing purchased from other retailers at Quality Teams in Shepparton for a small charge ($10 approx).


School Uniform:

Green polo shirt – long or short sleeved

Green windcheater

Green / Grey shorts

Green track pants / grey pull on pants

Green bomber jacket

Green checked dress

Green skort/skirt

Green/Grey pinafore with/without green/grey tights 

Black shoes


Enclosed sandals

Green hat with a broad brim (at least 8 cms) made of a closely woven material / legionnaire-style hats.

NB – All green items are “Bottle” green. 


Long hair is to be tied back and jewellery is restricted to a watch and studs or sleepers for those with pierced ears.


During Terms 1 and 4 hats are compulsory whenever students or staff are outside. Children are also encouraged to apply sunscreen and dress appropriately for weather/season.


Please make sure all of your children's belongings are clearly named, particularly items such as windcheaters that are often removed at school and may be misplaced. 


Families with religious or cultural attire requirements can be catered for in our schools uniform policy. Please inquire at the school office.