Literacy is seen as our ‘core business’ at Murchison Primary School. Each day children are engaged in a two hour block that covers the areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.


Our reading block supports children in like ability groups to read at their point of need. Children will learn about reading through a range of fun and engaging activities that support a range of learning styles. Students can be seen reading independently or with a group, or be engaged in a teacher directed guided reading session and follow up tasks.


At all times we encourage children to read for understanding and to practice the skills of ‘good readers’ in order for them to read for enjoyment.


In 2013 our school adopted the Big Write (VCOP) program. Big Write explores the areas of Vocabulary, Connectors, Openers and Punctuation brought to life by the VCOP gang: Vinny Vocabulary, Connie Connective, Ollie Opener and Penny Punctuation. Students understand how they can use language to ‘up – level’ their writing to make it more engaging.


Alongside the Big Write program we teach the different genres of writing in order for children to develop and understanding of the structure of each area.


Students develop their speaking and listening skills through oral language activities in the class as well as having opportunities to speak formally at student assembly.