Specialist Subjects


Italian language and culture at MPS will focus on enabling students to appreciate and value the language and the culture of Italy. This will be achieved via interactive activities, research of Italian cultural icons and brands, cooking, exchange of email letters with students in Melbourne and an Italian day. Students will be encouraged at all times to have a go and articulate the language, to write the Italian language using a model and to then adapt it for themselves.


Italian language learning will be fun and there will be many achievements to be had by all students.



At MPS our students participate in an hour of Visual Art each week. Each session of Art is engaging and interactive for the students as they learn to explore their imagination, creativity and personal experiences through various mediums.

Lessons focus on the art elements of colour, texture, pattern, line and shape, whilst focusing on specific skills relating to drawing, painting, printing, threads and textiles, construction, clay, collage and paper craft.

Each year, there is a focus on Art Appreciation where children develop an understanding of various artists, their history, technique and style.


A highlight for Grade 5’s and 6’s each year is the unit of threads and textiles where they make a ‘buddy bear’.


Physical Education

Children participate in a Physical Education session each week. The aims of the sessions are to develop skills such as throwing and catching and to learn how to play various sports such as netball and basketball.

Class teachers also take Sport sessions throughout the week that complement the PE program along with playing games that encourage cooperation, team work and the development of positive social skills.

Each year our student’s participate in a range of sporting events such as:

  • Swimming Programs F – 6
  • House Swimming Sports
  • House Cross Country
  • House Athletic Sports
  • PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) for junior children
  • Fundamental Motor Skills
  • Bike Education & Road Safety
  • Participation in AFL football clinics
  • Inter-school representation at various sports.