Kindergarten to Primary School


We have strong links with our local Kindergarten, with our staff and Year 5 students visiting and taking a variety of lessons throughout the year. Reciprocal visits to the school allow Kindergarten students the opportunity to be become familiar with the school setting. Children coming into school are matched with a Year 6 buddy. During Orientation day the Year 6 students present their buddy with a ‘buddy bear’ that has been made during our Art program. This is often a highlight for the children coming into school.


Staff from the school and Kindergarten work closely together to ensure a smooth transition for all students.



Primary School to Secondary School


During the Year 6 year, students are given information regarding the Secondary schools in their local area, including Information Nights and Open Days.


Once students have been accepted into a Secondary school, transition coordinators visit our school to meet the students and share information with them about Orientation day and starting school the following year.


Our Year 6 teachers pass on relevant information and data about our Year 6 students to their relevant Secondary schools in order to ensure a smooth transition process.