Lunch and Lunch Orders

At MPS we actively encourage students to make healthy choices. Please support our whole school approach to promote and protect the health of students by providing nutritious snacks and lunch for your child. Please do not include lollies or soft drink.


Please name school lunch boxes, lids, and drink bottles (no glass containers).


During terms 2 and 3 the pie warmer is available to heat food on particular days. Please ensure food items are wrapped in foil with the students name and class clearly marked and placed in the pie warmer before school starts. Grade 6 students will deliver food items at lunchtime.


All children are supervised from 11:00am to 11:10am outside as they eat their morning tea (recess). On wet weather days, they will be supervised in the open learning space of the new building. From 1.30 pm to 1.40 pm children will be supervised in their classrooms as they eat lunch.


Children may order their lunch from the lunch order list provided from the Bakery or Supa Valu. Please write the lunch order on an envelope with the correct money inside and the child’s name, class and shop name on the outside.  These orders are collected from school at 9.30 am and delivered at 1.30 pm. Click on the link below for a price list or contact the office.


Bakery and Supa Valu Price Lists