The Murchison community has a long and proud history of educating its children, starting in 1842 with a school attached to the Goulburn Aboriginal Protectorate. In 1859 the Presbyterian Church opened a school near the present day Uniting Church with 21 pupils attending. In 1860 the State Government provided funds and the school was then referred to officially as a State-aided Presbyterian School. In 1862 the school was given the title “Common School No. 420”. Sometime between 1860 and 1870 the school was moved to a slab building in Watson Street on the south-west corner of Roderick Square. This building was blown down by a storm on 17 December 1870. A grant was obtained to build a new school in Willoughby Street and the school opened on 1 November 1871, with a new number of 1126.

The Impey Street school was officially opened on 27 September 1906. The old building in Willoughby Street continued to be used as a cookery and woodworking centre for another 40 years. It was here that the boys of the school made the Honour Roll recording the names of ex-pupils who served in the Great War. After World War II Memorial gates were erected at the entrance to the Impey Street school, with one gate post bearing the names of the ex-pupils who paid the supreme sacrifice and the other the inscription “This Gate stands as a Tribute to Honour and Gratitude to all ex-scholars of Murchison State School who served in the 1939-1945 World War.”

The 1906 school building is still in use along with a new building comprising four open learning studios, Principal’s office, administration office and staff room. This new building opened in 2012.

Over the years many members of the Murchison community have worked long and hard to improve the facilities and programs for the children of Murchison and the surrounding districts. Buildings have come and gone but the focus on improving educational opportunities has remained paramount to the community. We have a wonderful school we are proud of and we thank the many people who have made a contribution to it.