How do we know students are learning?

We value the ability of our teachers to tend to the individual learning styles of our student cohort. Progress is often witnessed through first-hand observation and the keeping of anecdotal notes. We confirm student progress using a variety of assessment tools including:


  • Reading Level Benchmarking
  • Record of Oral Language
  • On Demand Testing for Reading & Number
  • Maths Online Interview
  • English Online Interviews
  • Number Fluency Interview
  • NAPLAN results in Years 3 and 5
  • Rubric self and peer assessments
  • Cold Write samples – Criterion Scale
  • Pre and Post testing.


An assessment schedule is used to ensure there is a triangulation of student results to assist teachers in assessing student’s academic progress against the new Victorian Curriculum levels. The data is collated with a variety of reports that are available through the Department and NAPLAN Data Services.