How do we teach?

Teaching practice is constantly being reviewed to ensure best practice in each of our classrooms. The structure of our lessons during the Literacy and Numeracy block is based on the ‘Hume Region Placemats’, the whole, small, whole approach. Differentiation is a key element of each lesson to ensure that individual needs are meet. We have the expectation that there will be learning intentions across the school and success criteria. We expect that teachers will demonstrate explicit teaching and have high expectations of our students. Building strong relationships with our students and families is a key component to students’ success.


We facilitate weekly professional learning sessions for staff in order to gain a common language and consistency in practice across the school. Staff have also been involved in Peer Observations within their teams and across the school, predominately in the Literacy block.


We also attend professional learning sessions at a neighbourhood and cluster level. Our Literacy and Numeracy leaders attend professional learning days and filter this information back to staff.


Students who are 12 months behind or ahead of expected level in Literacy and/or Numeracy have an Individual Learning Plan. Student goal setting across the school is important to hook students into learning and to motivate them to take responsibility for their learning. Students in Grades 3 – 6 have their goals and reflections recorded on a separate page in their student report, junior students incorporate their goals into the student comment section of the report.