What do we teach?

Murchison Primary School uses the AusVels Curriculum to plan, assess and report across all levels at the school. This document covers the levels from Foundation to year 10 providing a single, coherent and comprehensive set of prescribed content and common achievement standards, which schools use to plan student learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents.


The first two weeks of the school year is focused on teaching routines or ‘Learning to Learn’. All of our classrooms and programs participate in explicit teaching to set up strong classroom routines so every student begins to understand the consistent expectations of our school. Building strong relationships early is a key component of the program.


Our school has a strong literacy and numeracy focus with our afternoons set aside for Physical Education and inquiry learning; our specialist subjects are woven throughout the week.


During the last four years, Literacy has been a focus for our school. We have a number of guiding documents such as our own Writing Scope and Sequence and Spelling Policy, both which have been reviewed and implemented during this last cycle in order to gain a consistent approach to across the school. We also incorporate Thrass into our Literacy Block with all staff now trained in this program.


In Numeracy, we follow a whole school Numeracy planner and have adopted Frank Schoonderbeck’s Scope and Continuums.


Across the school we have whole school planning documents, to term planners into our weekly planners. All of these documents are emailed to the Principal on a term/weekly basis and are saved in the staff drive on our network to allow access for all staff.


Our Assessment Schedule is a comprehensive document outlining the assessment tasks and time for completion. Data from these assessments are regularly discussed with staff.


We have a whole school Integrated Curriculum Planner which sees topics on a four year rotation (except for Earn and Learn which is every second year). Our Junior school run an Investigation program three times a week where students explore their interests within the whole school theme. 


ICT is incorporated into everyday experiences. Students have access to netbook computers and staff utilise our ICT Scope and Sequence for learning.